About eLanguage

eLanguage, LLC specializes in language learning software that is easy to install, fun-to-use, and has a price tag that’s a fraction of the cost of other programs – but double the value. The award-winning software, Learn to Speak™ Deluxe, is trusted by the FBI, the State Department, ministries of education, the United Nations, Fortune 500 companies, and over 4 million people worldwide.

Language Software Developed by Language Experts

Developed by leading language experts and university professors, the Learn to Speak™ language software uses a listen and repeat model with a speech recognition and analysis approach that gives instant feedback to the student on how to improve his or her pronunciation. Unlike other more rigid language systems, eLanguage students can freely select any lesson they want, making it an effective solution for businesses, schools and individuals wanting to learn a new language. The Learn to Speak™ Deluxe product line offers the equivalent curriculum to two years at a university level.

First Introduced in the US in 1991

The Learn to Speak™ software was first introduced in the US in 1991 by The Learning Company. In 2004, veteran software executives Greg Bestick and Joe Roberts purchased the foreign language division of the company, and eLanguage was born. Since then, the software has won the PC Magazine Editor’s Choice and SuperKids Best Software award and become a market-leading product-line sold in retail stores as well as in schools.

In 2012, eLanguage launched Benego, a new first of its kind translation community to offer real-world translations with live voice recordings of native speakers.  Benego currently offers translations and phrases in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.

With the mission of being a recognized brand in language learning, eLanguage, LLC is committed to providing a satisfaction guaranteed platform where its community members can learn, share, teach or translate in not only the language but also the dialect of the language being spoken.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us.

eLanguage Founder Profiles

Greg Bestick, Founder and Chairman

Greg Bestick speaks English natively and is currently learning Spanish. Additionally, he has extensive experience in the consumer software industry, including positions as a Division General Manager for video game maker Electronic Arts, and CEO of Creative Wonders, a children’s software company that was a joint venture of Electronic Arts and the Walt Disney Company. He also served as President of The Learning Company and CEO of Broderbund Software. Additionally, Greg Bestick has worked for the toy maker Mattel and for Gores Technology Group, a private equity firm. He is currently President of Ogden Park Ventures, a technology investment and consulting group, and Chairman of eLanguage, LLC. He speaks English natively and is learning Spanish.

Joe Roberts, Founder and CEO

Joe Roberts speaks English natively, has a working proficiency of French, and is currently in the process of learning Spanish and German. Apart from that, Joe Robers is an established industry executive with over nineteen years of experience in consumer and education software. He was President of Broderbund software prior to it being sold to Riverdeep. At Riverdeep, Joe Roberts served as President, Worldwide Products and Marketing, and was responsible for growing revenue to over $270 million. Joe Roberts has since served as President of Cosmi Corporation, a leading publisher and distributor of physical and digital PC software solutions. Here, he played a key role in expanding the company through OEM and e-commerce distribution channels. He has also served as the Executive Vice President, Global Products, at Corel, and handled the company’s global product management, product development, and product marketing efforts.