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I use this program with my ESL students because the program has a speech recognition meter that measures how close you are to a native speakers voice…Besides this very great tool there are stimulated conversations that you interact in. A talking dictionary, progress tracking, grammar exercises and more…-  A.E. Han

College Language CoursesCollege students can stand out from the crowd and truly compete for their dream job by learning a foreign language, and Learn to Speak Deluxe is just the program to help them get there.

Learn to Speak will help students not only learn the basics of another language, but will go a step further to ensure that they have the skills needed to converse, write, and properly pronounce words in the language of their choice.

Developed by University professors, Learn to Speak makes an excellent supplement to classroom learning. Self-paced and easy to use, this program allows teachers and students to track progress, work on problem areas, and interact with on-screen characters to learn the more in-depth nuances of real conversation.

Our program has an immersive approach that leverages cultural movies, colorful photos and games to let students dive right in and have real conversations right from the very first day. Each lesson combines with the others to ensure that students are given a well-rounded learning experience with every fundamental being covered, including Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation, Conversation and Simulations.

Students will gain the confidence they need to hold a conversation, ask questions and interact in everyday situations.  It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s engaging.

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