Foreign Language Software for Home SchoolHomeschooling parents face special challenges when it comes to teaching foreign languages. You may feel a bit overwhelmed if you’re not fluent in the language your child is interested in learning, since it’s difficult to teach what you don’t know. Add to that any special learning challenges your child may face, and successfully teaching Spanish or French can seem nearly impossible.


Learn to Speak offers a self-paced curriculum that is designed to not only make learning a foreign language easier, but also a whole lot of fun – for parents and students. Our self-paced curriculum allows your child to go as fast, or as slowly, as he needs, while allowing you to set learning goals and track progress. The software is easy to use for both students and parents, so all you have to do is follow along with each lesson. It also accommodates multiple users, so even if you have a large family of homeschooling children, you can enjoy customized lessons and progress tracking for each individual user, all while allowing each child to move at his or her own speed.

Learn from the experts.

There are a lot of language courses out there. Why not choose the one designed by top experts and university educators? Our program was created using proven methods that have shown to enhance learning again and again in classroom settings. Your child won’t just memorize words and phrases. With our Flexible Immersion system, he’ll have the chance to actually interact with virtual characters, engaging in REAL conversations, from the very first lesson. This allows key concepts to become engrained, without the need for boring memorization. Each lesson has all the key elements needed for students to learn to speak fluently in whatever language they choose.

Learn to Speak also uses advanced speech recognition technology, which recognizes whether your child is using and pronouncing words correctly. This constant feedback further enhances learning and word recognition. Plus, kids love using our program because it’s not only informative: it’s FUN. Exercises, activities, and games are used in each lesson to make learning an enjoyable experience. Kids can even pick their own topics of conversation. When children are excited about what they’re doing, they learn better.

Our results are proven!

For over twenty years, Learn to Speak has been a go-to resource for homeschooling parents. Its immersive approach has been proven successful year after year, so you can buy with confidence.

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Fantastic! This is a great product if you are traveling. I was amazed how quickly I am able to learn. I like the way I can choose which lessons I want to take first. – Bill Walters