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Two-Word Verbs

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The term two-word verb refers to a verb and a preposition which together have a special meaning. Two-word verbs are common in informal English. Here is a list of some of these verbs.

bring up To rear children;  to mention a topic.
call up To call on the telephone.
clean up To make clean and orderly.
do over To do again.
drop off To leave something/ someone at a place.
fill out To complete an official form.
get on To enter an airplane, car, etc.
give back To return an item to someone.
go over To review or check carefully.
hand in To submit an assignment or report.
hang up To conclude a telephone conversation; to put clothes on a hanger or hook.
look over To review or check carefully.
look up To look for information in a reference book.
pick up To get someone in a car (e.g., in a car); to take in one’s hand.
put away To remove to a proper place.
put on To put clothes on one’s body.
put out To extinguish a cigarette, fire, etc.
show up To appear, come.
take off To remove clothing; to leave on a trip.
take out To take someone on a date; to remove.
think over To consider carefully.
try on To put on clothing to see if it fits.
turn in To submit an assignment, report; to go to bed.
turn off To stop a machine, light, faucet.
turn on To activate a machine, light, faucet.
turn out To extinguish a light.
turn up To increase volume or intensity.

There are two categories of two-word verbs:

1.) Separable:

–I handed my paper in.

In separable two-word verbs, a noun or pronoun may come between the verb and preposition.

2.) Non separable:

–She gets off the train.

With this kind of verb, a noun or pronoun must follow the preposition.

Examples of Two-Word Verbs

  • You'll start off with a full tank of gas. Try to fill it up just before you drop off the car,
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