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Reflexive Verbs

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acostarse (ue) to go to bed 
levantarse to get up
afeitarse to shave
llamarse to be named (called)
bañarse to take a bath
ponerse to put on (clothes)
despertarse (ie) to wake up
quitarse to take off (clothes)
divertirse (ie) to enjoy oneself
sentarse to sit down
dormirse (ue) to fall asleep
sentirse (ie) to feel
lavarse to wash (oneself)
vestirse (i) to get dressed

Notice that the infinitive always shows -se attached to the end of a reflexive verb. When you conjugate the verb, remember to make the pronoun form correspond to the person doing the action: dormirse (ue) > me duermo, te duermes, se duerme, nos dormimos, os dormís, se duermen.

(Remember that the vowels in parentheses (ue) (ie), etc. indicate that the verb has a stem change.

Examples of Reflexive Verbs

  • ¿Hace cuánto tiempo que se siente mal?
  • Trate de descansar, y sobre todo, no se preocupe. Se le pasará pronto.
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